Donate to Kildare Comics

Kildare Comics LLC is an Independent Publisher. As such, we do not ask for donations, there is no need for donations, nor is there any obligation by anyone to donate to the company.

We understand that people do want to go above and beyond to show extra support to Kildare Comics and our talented creators. There are many possible reasons people may want to donate to us, may it be to support the comic book industry, to support the company, to support our creators, to support the comics, and to support the work we do. Sometimes a donator just likes to support. Whatever the reason, we appreciate and cherish any and all donations and aim to be good stewards of any gift.

You are able to send your donation to go to one or more your favorite Kildare Comics' artists! To do so; please dictate and write down the name(s)/pen name(s) of the artist(s) and how much (if not all) of your donation you want the artist(s) to receive when you are prompted by Paypal to provide a note.