About Kildare Comics

Kildare Comics is a New York-based independent comic book publisher that is dedicated to providing the best quality and most entertaining comics and manga worldwide. We are a company that consists of artists, fans, fanboys, lovers, groupies, and "otaku". As such, we take honor & pleasure in being both producers and connoisseurs of comics and manga of all forms.

Our focus is to release and present creator-driven titles in an ever-changing industry while remaining ahead of our competitors. We aim to create works that are not only enjoyable to read, but will also inspire future generations of comic artists and artist everywhere. And so, it's our mission to excite existing fans and bring about new comic-lovers while we usher in a brand new age of comics with unmatched content.

Kildare Comics was officially founded in 2007 by brothers Kendall and Spencer Kildare, and was launched in 2017.


Kendall Kildare

Kendall Kildare

Founder & CEO

Kendall Kildare is the visionary head behind Kildare Comics. He ensures that Kildare Comics remains on course to be as great as it can be through a combination of imagination and pragmatic thinking. He's working to establish the Kildare Comics brand as a leader in the field of the comic book industry.

Spencer Kildare

Spencer Kildare

Co-Founder & COO

Spencer Kildare overseas many of the operations and events of Kildare Comics. His mission is to ensure the development and presence of the artists, their stories, and Kildare Comics as a brand. It is because of his love of comics and animation that he co-founded Kildare Comics.